Friday, 12 April 2013

Paramore - Paramore

For me this was the most anticipated album in years. With 'Brand new eyes' being released in September 2009, what seems like an eternity of waiting is finally over! For anyone who likes Paramore you'll know that as a band there have been a lot of changes over the last few years, with two members leaving. With such a big change in band that has a very distinctive sound there were questions as to what should be expected from this 4th album.

Of course, they did not disappoint and I personally feel that the self titled album 'Paramore' is definitely on par with their previous releases.
The album consists of 17 tracks, a combination of full length songs and shorter acoustic interludes. The interludes -  to paraphrase Hayley from the Radio 1 live lounge interview - are to allow the listening audience to see a different side to Paramore as it is something they feel isn't seen as often as the other elements of the band and band members.

The album as a whole feels new. It feels like a new Paramore, a new sound, a new look, a new energy and excitement. However despite this there is no doubt that it's the same Paramore as ever. The vocals are incredible, lyrics heartfelt and meaningful, the album perfectly and emotionally depicts the stories behind each song and developments over the years. In a way it feels like Paramore have rejuvinated as opposed to reinvented. There is a new found excitement, you can hear the fun and the passion in the songs as opposed to perhaps a slightly more negative vibe that came from 'Brand new eyes'

Each track on the album is distinctly different and each has its own story, own mood and sound. For example, 'Ain't it fun' is a track that would perhaps seem out of place on an album like 'Riot!' but fits in perfectly here, with a fun unique sound that contrasts drastically with 'Hate to see your heart break' for example, Paramore have really explored every avenue of their musical capability and are rightly displaying all the sides of themselves that maybe we hadn't realised were there before.

It's fresh, fun and exciting which is exactly how music should be. I don't think they could have gotten it more right and I highly recommend you listen ASAP.

Stepping away from the music for a while, as you know I love album artwork, disc covers and the general visuals of a hardcopy album. The look and feel of the album has the same effect as the music itself. It's new, fresh, different and aesthetically pleasing.

Paramore, 'Paramore', Album, music, 2013

Paramore, 'Paramore', Album, Music, 2013

Paramore, 'Paramore', Album, Music, CD, Disc, 2013
As opposed to the red, white and black of Riot! and the Blues of All we know is falling and Brand new eyes, 'Paramore' certainly gives off a different vibe. It feels more personal, more energetic and much more involved than before.

If this is the direction Paramore are heading then I cannot wait to hear what comes next!


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