Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Weekend break to Cornwall (Lostwithiel)

Long weekends away are not something I indulge in often but I allowed myself the luxury this past weekend. I'm not usually very lucky with when I have my holiday from work booked, it never coincides with anything interesting and it always seems like a bit of a wasted holiday. However, this was not the case last weekend when I realised my holiday was perfectly timed with my friends birthday weekend - it was therefore only natural to take a trip to Cornwall - Lostwithiel in particular - to see her.

This excited me for many reasons;
1. I haven't seen Lauren since Graduation week last November (when you spend 3 years with someone, a few months apart is a long time.)
2. If my childhood (especially summers) could be a place, it would be Cornwall. I have so many memories from holidays there as a child, there aren't many places I haven't been to. Being there puts me at ease instantly and is one of the only places that just by sight and smell alone can make me truly happy, so I was more than looking forward to being back there.
3. It provides me with the perfect opportunity to take some photos - weather permitting of course!

We took a trip in to Fowey on my last day there, Fowey is one of my favourite places in Cornwall. There isn't much to do there (and you need to be relatively fit to get up the hills), but it's so typical of a small Cornish town. It's picturesque, quaint and peaceful. The weather wasn't too bad on Monday so I took the opportunity to take some photos whilst I was there.
Fowey, landscape, ocean, photography, beach

Fowey, landscape, photography, cornwall

Fowey, quaint, photography, houses

The lighting isn't as good as I would have liked but hopefully you'll be able to get a feel of the kind of place Fowey is.
On the drive home from Fowey, we stopped very briefly at Polkerris. It consists of cottages (which are beautiful), a beach and a pub/restaurant or two. It's very small but very beautiful. The rain had set in a little by this point but I couldn't not take some last quick photos before leaving to get the train home.
Polkerris, beach, ocean, landscape, photography

Polkerris, beach, ocean, landscape, photography


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