Thursday, 22 August 2013

Chloe Howl vs. Foster the People

I heard a song on BBC Radio 1 about 2 weeks ago and have had the tune stuck in my head ever since. The song stuck in my head was Foster the People - Pumped up kicks

Despite not paying much attention to the radio at the time I was fully aware that this was not the song I had listened to, after a little digging I discovered that the song I had heard was;
Chloe Howl - No Strings

Now, is it just me or does the baseline extremely similar/verging on identical?
I'm not attempting to suggest copyright or anything close to that, I just found it interesting that hearing one song resulted in me having a completely different one stuck in my head. Personally if I was to make a song, I'd want it to sound unique, not something that contains previously heard, distinctive elements from a successful song.

Regardless of the similarities and my small rant, No Strings isn't a bad song, but Foster the People would win hands down!

Have a listen :)

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