Thursday, 7 March 2013

Website (wix) update and a little bit of poetry...

Just to state the obvious, I haven't posted anything for a few weeks... This is for two main reasons;
1. Nothing has really inspired me enough to get excited and feel the need to endlessly ramble on for ages about on here.
2. I've been working on my website that I've linked on here before - I'm working on adding a Photography section for all of my personal photography from outside of Uni.
I also have a possible photo shoot collaboration coming up soon so it would be good to have a section ready made for those images if and when they happen! (I will link my website again when it is all newly updated (: )

Okay, so as you know I like to write and I tend to post about poetry on occasion when the mood takes me - but never my own. That is always something I keep very private. However last week one of my best friends asked me if I would write a poem for her for a short film she is making at University. I figured that as it was written for the purpose of being seen that I shall brave it and share it with you.
The theme and guidelines I was given were;
- A poem about Transition of the voice.
- How it can be changed through movement and distortion.
- 14 lines.

This was my outcome (They decided to use it in the final film)


Loud and clear it carries through,
Voices spill from lungs outgrew

Though concrete barriers it cannot break,
Accents change and sounds they shake

Words recoil and echoes merge,
Impenetrable the walls they purge

Distortion steals the perfect form,
Connection from all meaning torn

Reverberation's all that's left,
Surrounded by a silent theft

Movement comes as structures fade,
Invisible languages masquerade

Clarity of speech now askew,
Transition from the known to new.


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